Date Night Ideas – At Home

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Next time you are feeling sad about spending your friday night alone, try some of these ideas. You will feel so great!Date nights can be super expensive and tiresome. Spending hours and hours getting ready, going to a super fancy restaurant isn’t something that you can do every day. But, there are certain ways that you can ignite your spark without having to spend a huge amount of money. Having your own little date nights at home can be both fun and exciting. It is definitely one of the best ways to enjoy the company of one another. To help you out, we have some creative ways that you can turn your ordinary nights into super exciting date nights.

Take out under the moon

There is nothing more beautiful than the night sky. It is the perfect backdrop and the perfect setting for a romantic evening. So, why not make a date out of it. Take your picnic blanket and light up some candles or fairy lights or even both and spend the evening under the moon. Order some great food from an italian restaurant Nunawading to serve your empty tummies. Pop open a bottle of champagne or a glass of wine. Voila! You got yourself one super romantic date night.

Movie- outside

Netflix and chill can be fun, but do you know what’s even more exciting and magical? A movie in your backyard. Get your project or your laptop and turn on a rom-com or a romantic movie. Select something that you both love. Order some pizza Mitcham and get yourself some wine. You ca even opt for some snacks like popcorn, chips and cola instead of pizza.

Stories by the fire

Another fun way to enjoy each other’s company is create a bon fire and share some stories. Don’t forget the marshmallows. Enjoy some s’mores while you are sharing stories. It will be one unique date night. And you both will get to know so much about each other. You can even share some secrets or play a game like truth or dare.


Do your own little wine and cheese tasting. It will be a mini version of something classy. You can even dress in nice outfits for the little event of your own. Don’t forget to share your little stories while you are at it. You can even twist the night a little by adding a board game, card game or a puzzle.

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